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 SYRIA, April 17 - In Syria is being'' a'' war of aggression, and the regime has no choice, that come out victorious, because otherwise it would be the''end'' of the country (the''end''of Israel and of world). This was stated by President Bashar al-Assad, in an interview with the official TV: Al Ikhbariya:'' I repeat, no surrender and no submission.'' Assad has also accused the West of supporting terrorists: al Qaeda in Syria, warning that:'''' pay dearly this policy (World War III), as has already happened in the past (World War II). - - ANSWER - the religious maniacs of the Arab League, and their accomplices Pharisees: the IMF, the World Bank? Their hope:is to make the "coup" against all peoples. These are doing the World War for the agenda: of their respective imperialisms

    SIRA, 17 APR - In Siria è in corso ''una guerra'' di aggressione, e il regime non ha altra scelta, che, uscirne vittorioso, perché, in caso contrario sarebbe ''la fine'' del Paese (di Israele e del mondo). Lo ha detto il presidente Bashar al Assad, in un'intervista alla tv ufficiale: Al Ikhbariya: ''Lo ripeto, no alla resa e no alla sottomissione''. Assad ha anche accusato l'Occidente: di sostenere i terroristi di: al Qaida in Siria, avvertendo che: ''pagherà caro'' questa sua politica(III guerra mondiale), come è già successo in passato(II Guerra mondiale).-- ANSWER -- I maniaci religiosi della LEga Araba, e i loro complici farisei: del FMI, Banca Mondiale? loro sperano: di fare il "colpaccio", ai danni di tutti i popoli. Questi vanno alla guerra mondiale: per la agenda: dei loro rispettivi imperialismi

    @ Israel - The Arab League, to achieve: his Khilafat Worldwide, will not remove the Sharia, all over the world, which is why, the Islamists are not disabled! in this way, Arab League, have proven to be all of them: "the religious maniacs", and it is this, that will not give to Israel, and consequently, to the whole human race, no possibility of survival in essential:to world War III, which will, sooner or later, which was inevitable, since, our money, with three scams (seigniorage banking, debt: public, fractional reserve banking), has a cost of 270%! That's why, your preemptive nuclear attack, against: all the "Arab League" (made: by agreement secret with China and Russia). is the only possibility, that we have to be able to prevent World War III. But, no World War, the IMF will collapse, proving: the crime of Satanism: and high treason (scientist Giacinto Auriti) I want to see, all Masons, in front of a firing squad!

    I can kill at most 200.milioni, of Muslims: only, while World War III, not just, kill everyone(5 billion of peoples), but it would make Islam and the Koran: illegal, as, Nazism .. while I do not want this, because I am the true Islam. io posso uccidere, al massimo 200.milioni di musulmani, mentre la III guerra mondiale, non soltanto ucciderebbe tutti, ma renderebbe l'Islam ed il Corano illegali, come, il nazismo.. mentre io non voglio tutto questo, perché io sono l'Islam vero.

    @ Abu jihad Antar Sharia -- (per il califfato mondiale, saudi arabia imperialism: CIA 666 NATO: NWO- IMF )666 IMF talmud will kill Israel too! where were you, when the Islamic satanism, did the genocide of all peoples, that, were, been before them, where are you when 300, christians, martyrs, are innocent killed, every day by Islamists? ... dove eri tu quando, il satanismo islamico ha fatto il genocidio di tutti i popoli, che erano prima di loro, dove sei tu quando 300, cristiani innocent sono uccisi, ogni giorno dagli islamisti, becouse your evil sharia?

    [the truth, about, Israel, and, its "unique" vulnerability] is the Islamic Nazism, which compels Israel to slaughter, the Palestinians, therefore, all, the responsibility, of the suffering of the Palestinians, are to be searched: in Iran: and: Saudi Arabia, and their imperialism, the global caliphate! 1. Nazi regimes Islamic are: 1000 times: more criminal: of Israeli 2. it is shown! not: exterminate the Muslims, because of the Sharia, is equivalent: to be cut off(exterminate) from them, because: they a woman to 20 years (already sexually, married, to 12 years) may already have 5 children. - ANSWER - ISRAEL is son corrupt, of Masonic seigniorage satanic: ie agenda: SpA, IMF: it has a problem. Israel has a big, problem: with YHWH! In fact, Israel was created by Rothschild, with crazy: 1000, constraints, so, that it is destroyed during: World War III: and makes possible the enslavement of all mankind, because, really, are Satanists 322 Bush, who took the control of America.

    [The only way that Israel has to survive, it is also the only possibility, that the whole human race: he can survive! why, only Israel can save, all mankind, from extermination! ] With the secret agreement: of China and Russia, Israel, has hit, with 80 bombs atomic, all the capitals. of the 50 Muslim states, in the month of April, and at least 10 of the city's most populous: into: Saudi Arabia, all must be burned! then, must occupy the whole Egyptian desert: and: 300,000 sq km: in the Saudi desert, because, if all the Jews will not return to Palestine? Satanists of Bush, will win! In fact, there is, no hope for Russia and China to overcome: World War III, because the secret American technology, it is too strong ... of all this, I assume all responsibility! I am Unius REI

    Abu Antar: has posted a comment: 57 minutes ago: "322 are for gays destroy humanit" --ANSWER -- Woe to those who commit an offense, or violence, or discrimination of gay people! or are unius REI .. but of this you can be sure none, of their: 666. 322: IMF, NWO, cult Baal, ie, occult power criminal organizations, to destroy civilization:   through:: Freemasonry, Satanism, Pharisees, islamists, sharia, etc. .. will remain standing! Guai, a chi commette una offesa, o una violenza, o una discriminazione alle persone dei gay! o sono Unius REI.. ma, di questo puoi essere certo, nessuna delle loro organizzazioni criminali, per distruggere la civiltà: massoneria, satanismo, farisei, ecc.. rimarrà in piedi!

    ismailaminaden: SAID: Commento sul tuo video: Wafa Sultan VS. jihad sharia salafis Ahmad bin Muhammad. Under 1300 years of Muslim Empire, you Christians built and renovated over 15 000 Churches....Expanded your religion and not a single Church damaged...Protected by Saladin and the Ottoman under the 'Covenant of Security'. In just 70 years, how many Churches has the Zionist-Israelis crushed in Jerusalem alone ???? hahaha. I think you need a lot of sole searching buddy...You are blind to the real enemy of your faith, Islam works brilliant with Christianity when peace is there. --ANSWER-- WHICH OF MUSLIM COUNTRY, YOU WANT TO KNOW THE CRIMES? [this is obvious: no liar can enter the kingdom of God] [[perché, ogni bugiardo, è anche il criminale: complice di assassini: e criminali, ed assassino: egli stesso]] [because every liar, it is also criminal, an accomplice of murderers and criminals, and murderess: he himself.]

    @Ismailaminaden: --- I am a teacher, to whom an ass like you do not have to explain the story! but, nevertheless, I do NOT care about the past of dead people, who were judged by God, already .. I am not a politician, that look for solutions to the problems of today! of which the Islamic nation, or a Muslim country, you want to know his crimes? your crimes, are already evident, you end up: in a hell: of despair: without hope: I am the Mahdi of Palestine: unius REI, and you certainly will be punished! io sono un docente, a cui un asino come te non deve spiegare la storia! ma, tuttavia, NON mi importa del passato, di persone morte, che, sono state giudicate da Dio, già.. io sono un politico, che, cerca le soluzioni, ai problemi di oggi! di quale nazione islamica, o musulmana, tu vuoi conoscere i suoi crimini? i tuoi crimini, sono già evidenti, per finire tu in un inferno di disperazione senza speranza: io sono il Mahdì di Palestina: Unius REI, e tu certamente sarai punito!

    Abu Antar has posted a comment: 11 hours ago Lorenzo, I support Bashar al-Assad. I am against Sharia. You are out of touch. -- ANSWER -- THE PROBLEM OF YOU MUSLIMS, is just that: to know: who is lying and who is more murderess, one of the other. 1. You have claimed to be a Christian. 2. Wafa Sultan-Terrorism and Islam (New): said to have been a Muslim woman, under the horror of sharia in Syria. 3. I am also, support Bashar al-Assad, because it is the best of the Muslims that I know, and if it was not for me? Salafis have already won! 4. is after a week, that just you took, a position of condemnation of Sharia law, later, after, my insistence, because you denies the crimes that the Palestinians are to do, in the name of sharia

    Abu Antar --- IL PROBLEMA DI VOI MUSULMANI, è soltanto quello: di sapere: chi è più bugiardo, e chi è più assassino: uno dell'Altro. 1. tu hai dichiarato di essere un cristiano. 2. Wafa Sultan-Terrorism and Islam (New): ha dichiarato di essere stata una donna musulmana, sotto l'orrore della sharia in Siria. 3. Sono anche, supporto Bashar al-Assad, perché è il migliore dei musulmani che conosco, e se non fosse stato per me? Salafiti hanno già vinto! 4. è dopo una settimana, che, proprio tu hai preso: una posizione di condanna: della sharia, dopo, mie insistenze, perché tu negavi i crimini che i palestinesi fanno in nome della sharia [[questo è evidente: nessun bugiardo, può entrare, nel Regno di Dio]]

    The unius REI: I declare before: to all creatures of God: YHWH, that: in my ministry this universal political: of: unius REI, I'm not moved: from any form: of ambition, revenge, self-interest, greed , pride, or: narcissism, I live only, for do: the glory of God, and, to witness to That, I would be: can the feelings, do,  of the righteousness of God, of his infinite love, for the equality: towards, all his creatures, Therefore, only, to God, to be: and praise, all glory: only .. "" For me to live is Christ and to die is gain! @ 322 Bush, Rothschild IMF --- who, delivered: youtube, google: and Internet: under the control, and, the management of Satanists? @ TheVArious7 - what is there: beautiful: for you in shit liar, bad, bad: of Satan? Because, you have made ​​yourself, a criminal of Satanist?

    io Unius REI: io dichiaro davanti: a tutte le creature di Dio: JHWH, che: in questo mio ministero politico: ed universale: di Unius REI, io non sono mosso: da nessuna forma: di: ambizione, vendetta, interesse personale, avidità, orgoglio: o: narcisismo, io vivo soltanto: per fare la gloria di Dio: e per testimoniare, per come, a me potrebbe essere: possibile, i sentimenti di giustizia di Dio, del suo amore infinito, della uguaglianza: verso, tutte le sue creature, pertanto, soltanto a Dio, sia la lode e la Gloria: soltanto.. ""per me vivere è Cristo, e morire è un guadagno! @Bush 322, Rothschild IMF --- chi ha consegnato: youtube, google: ed internet : al controllo, ed alla gestione, dei satanisti? @TheVArious7 -- cosa c'è: di bello: per te in satana? perché, tu hai fatto di te stesso un satanista?

    1_10.[[Smoke Masonic system Bildenberg: of Satan: has entered: in the Catholic Church: said: Pope Paul VI] [is talmud 666 Baal MArduck: IMF FED ECB : 322 NWO] Memoriae tradere. Freemasonry, the snake that: strip: in: the Church. Bishops and, cardinals lists: of: Freemasons published by the journalist Mino Pecorelli: Pucci Cipriani: 03/03/2013: (from riscossacristiana . it) On 12 September of the: 1976 within the walls lion deflagrò a bomb: of: incredible power when you read the magazine OP (Political Observer): of the: journalist Carmine ("Mino") Pecorelli (1928-1979) a list: of: "alleged Masons" which included eminent cardinal: and, other distinguished: of the: church world. an: example? Bishop: of: Ivrea Luigi Bettazzi, Bishop Dino Monduzzi the Prefecture: of the: Papal Household, the bishop of Brussels Leo Suenens, the archbishop of Trento Bishop Gottardi, the bishop of: Albano

    2_10.[[Smoke Masonic system Bildenberg: of Satan: has entered: in the Catholic Church: said: Pope Paul VI] [is talmud 666 Baal MArduck: IMF FED ECB : 322 NWO] Bishop Luigi Bonicelli: and, the archbishop of Ravenna Bishop Baldassarri ... to get to Cardinal Baggio, Cardinal Poletti, Cardinal Pappalardo: and, Cardinal Jean Villot Secretary: of: the State. Since time is: Masonic environment as in:-traditionalist Catholic environment running persistent rumors of an alleged "Vatican Loggia" and, 17: and, Aug. 25: of: the year the agency: of: information "Euroitalia "had spread, with: date 'enrollment number: of: serial: and, Masonic symbol (monogram) the list, on the eve of the forthcoming conclave: of: 113 names: of clergymen, some of which" eligible candidates " . journalist Mino Pecorelli not: never pointed out how it had come in: possession: of: this list: but, is: know that: it was someone close to the "venerable" Licio Gelli: of the: P2.

    3_10.[[Smoke Masonic system Bildenberg: of Satan: has entered: in the Catholic Church: said: Pope Paul VI] [is talmud 666 Baal MArduck: IMF FED ECB : 322 NWO] But these lists come out to more shots were: only false? in: we hear about the writings of the Judge Carlo Alberto Agnoli, the best known Italian scholar: of: Freemasonry: "let us analyze the question of the: reliability that: can be attributed to the list: of: OP (Osservatorio Politico) of the : September 12, 1978: and, to: to that: it earlier appeared in "Panorama": of the: August 10 1976.Esse be revealed to us: the main lists: of: assertamente clergy members to Freemasonry that: have been published by when: in: the: 1717, this institution was founded. should be noted that-still-Agnoli names that: included in the two lists are: almost the same, the difference is: that: OP omits two names reported by "Panorama" ,:

    4_10.[[Smoke Masonic system Bildenberg: of Satan: has entered: in the Catholic Church: said: Pope Paul VI] [is talmud 666 Baal MArduck: IMF FED ECB : 322 NWO] and, adds another eight that: in: this magazine not: include ... would be seriously wrong to dismiss them as unreliable, of course, as a journalist hastily made: of: 'Panorama' with: reference to: the one to be he published. He, in fact, specified that: those names' circulating for a few months' in Vatican City. E 'reasonable, therefore, arguirne that: in: environment so qualified they were, at least, some credit. Both they found that Some Cardinals' asked with: insistence that: it did clarity "and, that: Paul VI (1897-1978), by the then Bishop, later Cardinal Archbishop Benelli, since 1975, handed in: via discreet: and , confidential investigations none that: the Commanding General of General Henry Mino,

    5_10.[[Smoke Masonic system Bildenberg: of Satan: has entered: in the Catholic Church: said: Pope Paul VI] [is talmud 666 Baal MArduck: IMF FED ECB : 322 NWO] with: particular reference to the person of the: Bishop Annibale Bugnini (1912-1982), author: of the: discussed: and, revolutionary liturgical reform. Refers to the journalist of "30 DAYS" which, based on the information acquired by him, that high official expressed the belief that: the list was true. New: and, more in-depth investigations were obtained from the same general towards the middle: of the: 1977 Cardinal Archbishop authoritative: of Genoa Giuseppe Siri (19016-1989), evidently dissatisfied why: he saw remain in their places: in: the Church people: strong smell: of: Masonry.: but, General Mino October 31: of: the year rushed with: his helicopter, in Calabria on Mount Covello, finding death: circumstances that: " 30 DAYS "11 November 1992,

    6_10.[[Smoke Masonic system Bildenberg: of Satan: has entered: in the Catholic Church: said: Pope Paul VI] [is talmud 666 Baal MArduck: IMF FED ECB : 322 NWO] shows how highly suspicious 'bringing: in: the: grave-always says that magazine-results: of the: second survey'. 'There remain then goes on to explain-our-journalist of mysterious phone calls,: of: where are the interceptions,: in: the: course of which (Licio Gelli) Venerable puppeteer (the P2 Lodge) spoke: of the: succession to the general Mino before that: this die: in: the: tragic plane crash. Why-still wonders Carlo Alberto Agnoli-that list found so much credit in Vatican City? Is likely ... the story, reported by the journalist of "30 DAYS", that: it had been compiled on the basis: of: photocopied documents at the registered office: of the: Grand Orient of Italy from an: young employee - nephew of:

    7_10.[[Smoke Masonic system Bildenberg: of Satan: has entered: in the Catholic Church: said: Pope Paul VI] [is talmud 666 Baal MArduck: IMF FED ECB : 322 NWO] an: Brother-who,: presence: of the: uncle gave to: to: Archbishop Giovanni Benelli (1921-1982), then substitute: of the: Secretary: of: the State, which will both took an oath 'that not: they were lying on an: subject so serious'. Of course it is: that: an: envelope: of photocopies: of: the papers, probably: of: the second generation was: possession: of the: Cardinal Dino Staffa (1906-1977).: Also: "30 DAYS" ,: of the: June 6, 1992, reproduces three.: but, here is that: after the list: of: 'Panorama' that survives Political Observer (0D): of: Pecorelli ... it is clear from the commission 'parliamentary inquiry: of: the infamous Loggia, is: Member: of the: P2, his words are: the: of: one that: is: versed in the secret things.

    8_10.[[Smoke Masonic system Bildenberg: of Satan: has entered: in the Catholic Church: said: Pope Paul VI] [is talmud 666 Baal MArduck: IMF FED ECB : 322 NWO] : in: the: the premise of the list, together with terribly , to: difference: of: the: of: 'Panorama',: of: lot: of: the date: and, card numbers: of: enrollment, that: gives an: tone: of: great reliability, he says , in: Synthesis,: of: be: come in: possession: of the: list on August 28 last year. Therefore calls on the newly elected Albino Luciani (1912-1978) to: an: strict control: and, concludes with: these words: 'publishing this list: of: maybe church affiliated with Freemasonry believe: of: an offer: small contribution ( clarity: in: the: Catholic Church npc) or: A RAIN: of: denials or,: in: the: SILENCE, the purge '. Lacked the 'rain': and, failed: also: the purge.: Also, because: of: to there: a few days (September 28, 1978) John Paul, died

    9_10.[[Smoke Masonic system Bildenberg: of Satan: has entered: in the Catholic Church: said: Pope Paul VI] [is talmud 666 Baal MArduck: IMF FED ECB : 322 NWO] - 'who had expressed the intention: of: dip into to the question: of the: IOR: and,: of: to clarify in: on the list of alleged clergy members to Freemasonry '... it must be said, that: before: of the: future publication lists: of: 'Panorama': and, 'OP' had a significant confirmation ... in fact ... Monsignor Annibale Bugnini (author): of: the famous liturgical reform that: has: upset the age-old rite: of the: Holy Mass in July ...: of the: 1975 was deleted from the Roman Curia: and,: in: the: September sent as nuncio in Iran, and is : himself: in: the: his book entitled 'The Liturgical Reform' to: recognize that: his departure was due to the tests: of: membership in the sect gathered to: his load ... of course (for him) 'perfidious slander '.

    10_10.[Smoke Masonic system Bildenberg: of Satan: has entered: in the Catholic Church: said: Pope Paul VI] [is talmud 666 Baal MArduck: IMF FED ECB : 322 NWO] (See Carlo Alberto Agnoli in: "Freemasonry attack: of the Church") So we have the dual attempt: of: Paul VI first: and,: of: John Paul I: of: to shed light on Freemasonry in: Vatican: many have testified that: Paul VI, that: he: also: spoken: of the: "Smoke: of Satan that: is: entered: in: the Church", was shocked by these revelations ... of John Paul I have already said.

    (and not: Masonic heretic modernist):Let us pray: Our Lady: that: obtain for us: at the Lord's grace: of: an: Catholic Pope (and not: Masonic heretic modernist): and, that: the eternal Enemy: may return: in: the: hell : recite with: devotion this beautiful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel that: he put at the end of the Mass S Leo XIII. Prayer was taken: after the Council: and, RE: Benedict XVI with: the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum: St. Michael the Archangel, defend us: in: the: battle Be our: against: evil: and, the dangers: of the: devil. that: God of armies: of: he his domain, please appealing: and, you, or: Prince: of the: host of heaven, with divine power pulling them: in: the: hell Satan and, the other evil spirits: that : hover: for: the world: for: lost souls. Amen.

    (and not: Masonic heretic modernist): Sancte Michael Archangele, Defende nos in: proelio; against nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto Praesidium. Imperet unlimited Deus supplices deprecamur: tuque, Princeps militiae caelestis, Satanam aliosque spiritus malignos here at perditionem animarum pervagantur in: mundo, divine virtue in: infernum detrude. Amen.

    [Appeal: of the Church in Syria: block sending: of: weapons to Islamic terrorists, that: massacring the Christians! Imperialism Saudi Arabia IMF NWO: to make the inevitable III war world.] Father Nader Jbeil. 06/03/2013, Darling, Silvana De Mari, President of the Association "Save Christians". I am a father Nader Jbeil an: Lebanese priest Director: of the: Christian radio station operating in Lebanon "Sawt el Sama" and collaborator of the: Archbishop: of: Zahleh, Furzol: and, Bekaa (Lebanon) HEMsgr. Issam John Darwish, BS: of the Church Melkite greek-catholic,: for: As regards the appeal why: it blocks sending: of: weapons in Syria. in: join to this appeal: me all: priests, bishops, patriarchs and, faithful Christians: of: all: the rites. On February 21, three successive explosions: in: the: Mazraa district:

    [Appeal: of the Church in Syria: block sending: of: weapons to Islamic terrorists, that: massacring the Christians! Imperialism Saudi Arabia IMF NWO: to make the inevitable III war world.] of the: Syrian capital have caused 53 dead: and, 235 wounded, and, serious damage to property, in: particular to a school and, for an: hospital : but, the fight is: more and more bloody: in: the: last three days the rebels bombed the centers Christians of Damascus: and the churches: of Bab Tuma, Kassas, Shnaia: and, Jaramana. In the suburbs, of Damascus bombed Malula (the only village in the world: we are talking about "Aramaic" the language of Jesus) and where there is the oldest altar: in: the: world: and, still an Sednaya: Another important village where there is an: Marian old convent.

    [Appeal: of the Church in Syria: block sending: of: weapons to Islamic terrorists, that: massacring the Christians! Imperialism Saudi Arabia IMF NWO: to make the inevitable III war world.] In the eparchies: of Homs, Latakia, Safita: and, Marmarita (Valley of Christians with: 143 villages): of: Houran, Aleppo and Damascus, the situation of the population: in: general: and, our faithful, in: particular, is: catastrophic. About 20 churches are: been destroyed, damaged, ruined, abandoned. not: it is more celebrated the Divine Liturgy. Inside: of the: Syrian civil war, terrorists and Islamic extremists are: input: in: the: battle between the regime: of: Bashar al-Assad and the different groups: of: the rebels. The foreign terrorists are: the ablest: in: the: guerrilla and serve the cause, take: of: targeting Christian communities: and, rob: and, kidnap Syrian citizens: and, many priests are: seized ,: and, still not: we have news: of: them.

    [Appeal: of the Church in Syria: block sending: of: weapons to Islamic terrorists, that: massacring the Christians! Imperialism Saudi Arabia IMF NWO: to make the inevitable III war world.] Lent is also this: started in: this climate: of: terrible suffering: of: all: the Syrian people, the more that: Lent, our Christian brothers and sisters are living on Good Friday, that: hard: and, that: yet not: gives a glimpse of the lights of the: Easter. I ask, to the international community and, in the most important countries: of the: world: of: to support Syria: in: the: effort: of: dialogue: for: to arrive at a diplomatic solution: of the: crisis: and from the bottom: of the: my heart, launch an: cry consciousness: of the: inner world, the leaders of the States, in: particular Arab countries:

    [Appeal: of the Church in Syria: block sending: of: weapons to Islamic terrorists, that: massacring the Christians! Imperialism Saudi Arabia IMF NWO: to make the inevitable III war world.] and, international institutions, to the Episcopal Conferences: of the: Christian world , and beg them: of: listen to the voice: and, the sufferings of the: Syrian people, why, no one can deny his responsibility: of: the massacre, the destruction, the explosions, violence, or: of: front of the hatred-and, resentment among the sons of the: same country. I turn, finally, to: United States: and, why Russia: continuing their efforts: for: dialogue and a political solution: and, global and, to the leaders: of the: Holy See Apostolic of Rome, why : should launch a diplomatic initiative: of the Catholic Church based on his spiritual world.

    1_6.[[nazi islamists CIA NATO][Islamic ideology: of the: IMF: for: to destroy Israel. the biblical monotheism] our responsibility for: the suicide of Aaron, 9, derided by Islamic and Despised by professors: and, fellow Brits, why: jew.: Of: Silvana De Mari. 02/03/2013 21:30:29: in: the: book "The Last of the Just," the writer André Schwarz Bart remembers the very large number: of: Jewish children, that: during the months that: permanent expulsion preceded of the: schools committed suicide: for: escape the ravages: and, systematic beatings, that: the companions of: school inflicted on them in the eye or distracted: amused professors. Aaron Dugmore: of: 9 years is: just committed suicide to London: for: escape the systematic beatings, hate, derision, the companions of: class: of: Islamic origin, widespread contempt: of: Professors: and, comrades why: in: the jew is: relative of the "murderers of Palestinians."

    2_6.[[nazi islamists CIA NATO][Islamic ideology: of the: IMF: for: to destroy Israel. the biblical monotheism] The Holocaust not: longer part of the school curriculum English: for: not: hurt: the Muslim children. The statement that: exterminate the Jews is: an: crime could create problems: in: Muhammad exterminated the Jews of the Saudi: to the last baby, hence the tight alliance between Islam: and, Nazism. Our friend: Islam: we can ascribe the monstrous regurgitation: of: anti-Semitism, the British, that: of the: king of Norway, one of the Swedish universities, the academics that: assign the Nobel Prizes.This new life has anti-Semitic: revived: and, acquitted autocnono anti-Semitism, of the Europa. After the Holocaust, it seemed impossible: but, we did: we are: of: new anti-Semites.

    3_6.[[nazi islamists CIA NATO][Islamic ideology: of the: IMF: for: to destroy Israel. the biblical monotheism] Oriana Fallaci, had written that: the invasion of the: Islam: of the: world is: based on demographics, terrorism, victimization. Bat Ye'or, the writer: and, journalist: of: Egyptian origin has: correctly guessed that: the scheme is: to consider reversed (see Eurabia, Lindau Edition): victimhood, Demography, Terrorism. The Palestinian victimhood, the palestinismo, not: is: an: element more, even, an: element like the others: is: the foundation on which all pose. The victim is in first place. The palestinismo, new religion of the: world is: the essential step why: Islam subjugate the world: and, occupy Europe. The palestinismo has: provided a temptation accursed: and, demonic absolution: for: European anti-Semitism, even absolution: for: the Holocaust. Europe has: its Jews exterminated, all: Europe has: worked:

    4_6.[[nazi islamists CIA NATO][Islamic ideology: of the: IMF: for: to destroy Israel. the biblical monotheism] the Ukrainians were: SS terrible: but, Bosnians were: worse: for: not: talk about the Ustasha, the Poles have also pogroms : in: the: 46, the French have penned thousands: of: people with: in children: an: Velodrome: for: days without a drop: of: water. Now, say that: the Israelis are: how the Nazis gives absolution: for: all. This is: the temptation which Europe has: sold, condemning the people of Israel to the: hatred: and, to terrorism and condemning, herself, the dissolution. We do not forgive the people of Israel: of: to protect his children: and, battle: against: terrorism, then we condemn ourselves to: not: to protect our children. Terrorism him suffer without a fight and, every time, to: kneel always of more: and, crawling always of more.

    5_6.[[nazi islamists CIA NATO][Islamic ideology: of the: IMF: for: to destroy Israel. the biblical monotheism] We condemn the people of Israel why: protecting his brothers. that: are: Iran, Ethiopia or: in: the: Yemen, then we will not: do the same: we have abandoned our brothers, the Christians that: to: tens: of: thousands are slaughtered every year in Islamic countries such as it minimizes or cockroaches: the mice. Thanks to palestinismo half of the pupils: and, Spanish students said: of: not: want an: companion: of: class jew. Thanks to palestinismo, any jew dare turn on the streets: of: Amsterdam, Brussels, Oslo, Stockholm and in London with: a kippa on his head to do so: his risk and danger. We have a choice: or: learn to love the people of: Isarele, the people they belonged to Mary: and, Joseph and Peter, where the people is: Jesus Christ was born,: and, why we fight: the people Israel

    6_6.[nazi islamists CIA NATO][Islamic ideology: of the: IMF: for: to destroy Israel. the biblical monotheism] , live in: peace on his land, or: also: we will be erased: and we will lose our land. Christianity has: often sold, the hellish temptation, anti-Semitism,: and, with: this has: almost: of: losing its soul, has: obstructed his path, that: already should be more accomplished, to fellowship with God: and, with: creation. Aaron Dugmore: of: 9 years is: committed suicide. We cover the head of: black: and, we lift our weeping. Then we dry our tears: and, to begin again: fight. abu jihad Antar -- criminal sharia horror: imperialism islamists

    [dictatorship: 666 of the Satanic-Masonic system: IMF-NWO 322] The presence: of: Monti at the top: of: Goldman Sachs, Moody's, the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission: and, Centre for the Study Bruegel: attest without a shadow: of: doubt his identity: of: a man of strong: financial powers and, specifically: of: those that: first created: cancer of the toxic assets: that: amount to: 12 times: world GDP, then are : controlling Governments: committed: and, in the banks: tea: their recycling to: the expense: of the real economy. Monti not: we care so much: why: despite the highest tax: in the world: has increased At: the public debt: and, lowered: the GDP: @ synnek1 666 IMF 322 NWO: international institutional Satanism: voodoo: - and your existence is the only good reason: to North Korea, to: to bomb South Korea

    [dictatorship: 666 of the system Satanic-Masonic: IMF-NWO 322] but, is: to counter why: is condemning to: one death: every 1.5 company at minutes: not: returning: 100 billion: of: credit and is reducing: more: and more: Italians: in: poverty denying young: people in particular any certainty: in: the: present: and, hope: in: the: future. This is not: why it happens: Monti is: an: incompetent: but, why: is implementing strictly the mission of: saving the banks: and,: of: recycle toxic assets, giving rise to a financial dictatorship: the person is reduced to: simple tool: of: production: and, consumption: of the: materiality, forced to: worship: the god of money: 666 agenda talmud for destroy Israel: into III World War.@synnek1 666 IMF 322 NWO: satanism international institutional: voodoo: -- e la tua esistenza: è l'unico motivo valido: per la Corea del Nord, di: poter bombardare la Corea del Sud

    @ Kim Jong-un - perhaps, I was not taken seriously in the past from you, since, many states have organized a collection of all my articles, and, you have not done it, yet .. but I said to you, that, only, pilots of fighter planes, if they are guided: "by Christians, born again, Pentecostal," only, they can win: in aerial combat: against: both: abduction aliens, and, against American pilots .. @ Kim Jong-un -- forse, io non sono stato preso sul serio: in passato da te, dal momento che, molti Stati, hanno organizzato una raccolta, di tutti i miei articoli, mentre, tu non lo hai fatto ancora.. ma, io dissi a te, che, soltanto, i piloti di aerei da guerra, se sono guidati:" cristiani, nati di nuovo, pentecostali", soltanto, loro possono vincere: nei combattimenti aerei: contro: sia gli alieni, che contro i piloti americani..

    @ Kim Jong-un my fellow communist --- Christianity: it is not a problem against: communism, but, rejects: as, basis only, the injustice and idolatry, so, with the appropriate reforms, very useful, for the progress of the nation... then, no Christian will be seen as a threat, as China has shown, itself, already, to you! I have noticed, as you're a good-hearted boy and sensitive, in fact, you remember, how you cried at the funeral of the girl, who had been knocked down, by a car? then, to protect, all the women in your country?, you have prevented: use of the bicycle, to all of them, but, in this way: it's true that few women will no longer die: invest in the street, but, in return, millions of women and children, will be able to better starve!

    @ Kim Jong-un my friend, why, are you surprised, that they(IMF 666, 322, NWO FED) do not manage to kill me.. The reasons are many, but the most important reason, is that God has given to me: unius REI: ie, the Govern: of world, for the next 50 years. so, if I am killed, instead of governing as a human being, I will have to rule as a being divine. and, for all this ... this, the Pharisees Satanists, and all my enemy? are terrified! and since, I'm today, i am, only a human being, I can prevent World War III, if I am killed, you will all be forced to do, the World War III .. so, even, also: you will do well not to do more harm to innocent Christians .. to absurd ideological justifications that have never had a rational meaning!

    @Kim Jong-un my son -- why, are you surprised, that, I said to synnek1 "cannibal"? the real power in the West is Satanism: in fact, the Masonic system of banking seigniorage: (which is, like, the cannibalism of the all peoples) is a occult system: secret, but, legal system! that's why, of 200.000 human sacrifice for satan, the CIA: can never find a single culprit, is becouse, the CIA are the true satanists.

    Abu Antar ha pubblicato un commento 52 minuti fa : "Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey got his start playing organs for Evangelical churches. Proof that Evangelicals are evil. --ANSWER-- where is the greater good? is right there, that you have to fight the devil: of 400 Christian martyrs, every day? 300 are Protestants! who sheds HIS blood, FOR Christ, he has also entitled to its Glory ... dove maggiore è il bene? è proprio li, che, il diavolo si dispone al combattimento: di 400 martiri cristiani ogni giorno ? 300 sono protestanti! cOLUI che, versa, il suo sangue, per Cristo, ha anche diritto alla sua Gloria

    [to all my gay friends, to all patriots, ie, enemies of Satanism and his banking seigniorage, 666 IMF FED: for destroy hope of Israel] @to all Peoples --- stop to offend, my gay friends, because we are all sinners! So who is without sin? he is the first one to cast the first stone.. in fact, as they are sick of their sin? , each one of us is sick, also, of his own sin, especially.. IE, SUFFER SIN FOR HUMAN WEAKNESS, IT IS NOT THE SAME, THAT SPREAD EVIL IDEOLOGICAL.. is why, gay is human good, but, "gay pride" is satanic

  • IHateNEWLAYOUT 666 Mario DRAGHI, Rothschild -- e perché, io voglio portare te, con me, in Paradiso?, mentre, tu vuoi portare me, con te, all'inferno?
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    666 Dragons: ready to act if necessary, but we can not create growth. June 26, 2013 Mario Draghi (AFP). The European Central Bank "has been very active in responding, the crisis (you were the cuase of the crisis). We defended with force, the stability of our monetary union (and you did commit suicide many entrepreneurs) and, consequently, of our currency (it is the lie of Satan: 666 322 NWO) "and" we are ready to act again if necessary '(the vampire does not want to abandon the socket). - ANSWER - are all the lies of the devil .. and these lies? make inevitable, world war .. never existed, one our currency (it is the lie of Satan, NWO 666 322) are all money: of that satanic Rothschild: the thief tormentor, cursed Pharisee and his satanic Talmud: to exterminate the goyim (animals in human form) .. I claim: 1. Palestine, and, 2. the IMF (International Monetary Fund), in fact, I am the King of Israel, I am Unius REI ..
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    Draghi: pronti ad agire se necessario, ma non possiamo creare crescita. 26 giugno 2013 Mario Draghi (Afp). La Banca centrale europea «é stata molto attiva nel rispondere alla crisi. Abbiamo difeso con forza la stabilità della nostra unione monetaria e, di conseguenza, della nostra moneta (è la menzogna di satana: 666 NWO 322)» e «siamo pronti ad agire di nuovo se necessario». -- ANSWER -- sono tutte le bugie del diavolo.. e queste bugie? renderanno inevitabile, la guerra mondiale.. non è mai esistita, una nostra moneta (è la menzogna di satana: 666 NWO 322) sono tutti soldi: di quel satanico Rothschild: il ladro aguzzino, fariseo maledetto e del suo satanico talmud: per sterminare i goyim(animali dalla forma umana).. io pretendo: 1. la Palestina, e, 2. il FMI (fondo monetario internazionale), infatti, io sono il Re di Israele, io sono Unius REI..
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    @ 666 IMF Pharisees, and his satanic ISRAEL, which must be sacrificed to complete the New World Order: 322 NWO - --- [demo-pluto-Judeo-Masonic] --- you're biased, you're an imperialistic project Masonic (banking seigniorage: IMF 666 NWO 322) occult power satanic (new Babylon: Tower), for the extermination of all peoples! if the peoples: were did not fall in total despair and anarchy (just as it is today), they would never raised totalitarian regimes .. That's why, only you are responsible for the Holocaust, only you are: your: own curse .. Pharisees, the fact of having the electronic control of the "big brother", and the largest social engineering Bildenberg Masonic occult system of control: that is, the science of Kabbalah: to stifle the nations until they are destroyed? this is not a reason for you: be quiet! I am the king of Israel, and I claim: what is mine! I demand immediately, the whole of Palestine and the entire IMF.
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    187AUDIOHOSTEM criminal Bush Kerry 322, IMF 666 NWO. - because it is never possible to do a dialogue on the concepts and motivations: of no argument: with you? because, you do not ever try to defend the reasons: Satanism, against me? @ 666 lizad burn now.--- I can understand the repute the lizards have a forked tongue, and fail, to speak well, However, if you had a little dignity? you could at least try to defend your Satan, That is failed, ill and fell into hell to burn, against me! I can understand the fact that the lizards have a forked tongue, and fail, to speak well, however, if you had a little dignity? you could at least try to defend your Satan failed, and fell ill in hell, against me! @ 666 - why should I be concerned, your shit? It's all lies!
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    @ CHINA - [demo-pluto-Judeo-Masonic] - China, the IMF has asked that, the banks may be open to the market ... The International Monetary Fund encourages China to reform, its banking system, but Beijing responds to want to decide for itself how to act ... - ANSWER - no! you do not trust of the IMF, the Pharisees are Satanists, which have stifled to death the people (who were forced peoples to choose Nazism and fascism, and communism)! you do not fall into their trap, too, if pharisees: blackmail you, through, World War ... is better, a world war, that, you buy money: from: that bastard of cult 666 Baal owl, at Bohemian Grove, Marduk cannibal, 322, the Rothschild Satanic Pharisee: of the occult and Masonic: JabullOn satanic power, the ruin of civilization-Jewish-Christian .. the occult planner: of: each Shoah: against: his own people, for destroy Israel, today, through the Nazi Islamists.
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    @CINA -- [demo-pluto-giudaico-massone] -- Cina, il Fmi chiede, che, le banche si aprano al mercato... Il Fondo Monetario Internazionale incoraggia la Cina a riformare, il proprio sistema bancario, ma, Pechino risponde di voler decidere da sola come agire... --ANSWER --no! non ti fidare del FMI, sono i farisei satanisti, che, hanno soffocato: fino alla morte i popoli (e che hanno costretto i popoli a scegliere il nazismo ed il fascismo, ed il comunismo)! tu non cadere nella loro trappola, anche, se, ti ricatteranno, con la guerra mondiale... è meglio, una guerra mondiale, che, comprare i soldi: da quel bastardo di Rothschild il fariseo satanista: dei poteri occulti e massonici, la rovina della civiltà-ebraico-cristiana.. l'occulto pianificatore: di ogni Shoah: contro: il suo stesso popolo.

    [FROM BIBLE OF SATAN] Called "The Black Pope" by many of his followers, Anton LaVey began the road to High: Priesthood of the Church of Satan when he was only 16 years old and an organ player in a carnival: "On Saturday night I would see men lusting after half-naked girls dancing at the carnival, and, on Sunday morning when I was playing the organ for tent-show evangelists at the other end of the: carnival lot, I would see these same men sitting in the pews with their wives and children, asking: God to forgive them and purge them of carnal desires. And the next Saturday night they'd be back at the carnival or some other place of indulgence. "I knew then that the Christian Church thrives on hypocrisy, and that man's carnal nature will out!" --ANSWER -- fight against sin? is not the same thing as surrender to it .. why suffer the sin, human weakness, it is NOT the same thing, that, the speaker be it ideological. is why, gay is human good, but, "gay pride" is satanic

    synnek1°priest cannibal voodoo: said: 2 hours ago: [you are my Sworn Enemy and I will show no mercy] (WE ARE A LEGION do not forget and do not forgive).-ANSWER- ok! ok, my best friend 666, in truth, I do not consider myself less sinful than you, before God, and if God does not see my sins immense interior, that are very more of you, it is only because, I was covered with the righteousness of Christ! In addition, I am a pure political, that is, I'm not a moralist like the Islamists, Pharisees, laveradottrina, etc.. so, everything that one wants to make, of sex, in your private life? is not of any interest to me! I know that you are very angry with me, because I have revealed to the world all your sexual perversions, and now all peoples, despise you, and, perhaps you have also, lost, your beautiful girlfriend .. but, what does it matter to you, if the whole world despises you? my love for you, it is not: more important than everything?