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I have found the Love of my desire
I'm caught up in the passion of an ever-flaming fire
Captured by a pure and holy gaze
Frightened by Your beauty, but I just can't look away

Burning! Oh I'm burning!
My heart becomes an instant flame
At the very mention of Your name
Burning! My heart is burning!
My thoughts of You take up the day
How Your beauty takes my breath away
I'm burning...

I have seen My princess bride to be
She's an awesome beauty that My Father's given Me
Her voice is sweet as honey when she sings
And her eyes ignite a fire when she glances up at Me

Words and music by Monty Poe
© 2000 The Focus Music

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  • Hello I love this song..Do you have the song "Just When" if so you should upload it as well.

  • Thanks for posting this - we were singing this tonite at church - awesome song.

  • Thanks for posting. I bought the CD around 2002, but have misplaced it. This song was one many encouraging songs on it.